Product & Services


44-seater coaches


We provide custom-built 44-seater coaches according to our customer’s needs. Our coaches are fitted with luxurious VIP seats, 2 LCD monitors, LED screen display panel, custom paints and decals, GPS tracking system and other equipments for a standard 44-seater coach. The coaches can be powered either by diesel, NGV or electric engine, according to the customer’s budget and needs.



28-seater city bus


This is a smaller version of coach which is suitable for ‘city bus’. It has a low-deck chassis, and can be equipped with a wheelchair ramp for it to be a handicapped-friendly mode of transportation. These buses are also fitted with GPS tracking system, which makes the fleet management more effective and cost-saving.

Mobile Clinics


We have various kinds of mobile clinics ranging from general clinics, optometry clinics, dental clinics and mini mobile clinics. Each of these clinics is custom fitted with high-tech equipments according to its purpose. These mobile clinics can perform basic medical check-up and minor treatments, which is suitable for operations in rural areas and also for educational purposes. For mini mobile clinics, we also provide simple medications and medical check-ups for communities in rural areas which have limited or no access to proper healthcare facilities.




Vans & Pick-up Trucks


Our vans and 4-wheel drives also operate on the same modus operandi as our coaches and other specialty vehicles. At a fixed monthly rate, our customers need not have to worry about recurring costs, driver issues and regulatory compliance. We took care of everything.


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